Book Review: At Bertram’s Hotel

Stifle your gasps, everyone--it's actually happening. Two book reviews in one week. Let me explain myself. I actually finished Anna Karenina a good bit before I posted about it. I finished it on August 1, 2018--a date which will live in infamy. I then procrastinated writing the review for a while, because--hey--I was done with Anna Karenina … Continue reading Book Review: At Bertram’s Hotel

Book Review: Anna Karenina (for Real This Time)

Friends-- Companions-- Readers-- I have done it. Anna Karenina, having been read once, now sits on my shelf--big, fat, and inanimate, never to be read again. I don't know. Maybe years from now, when I'm older and wiser and more patient, I'll pick it up again and immerse myself in 754 pages of Russian politics and … Continue reading Book Review: Anna Karenina (for Real This Time)